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気候が生み出した諸条件とそれに順応してきた人間の営みをリサーチし、知恵の保存とアップデートを探るCLIMATEは、数年にわたっての継続的なプロジェクトとして展開を予定しており、その始まりとなるgraf porchでの展覧会では、この壮大なテーマに立ち向かう第一歩として、メンバー3人がそれぞれに解釈し探求したCLIMATEの断片を展示します。


As we explored FIRE in elements 01 and “STACK & BIND” in elements 02, we decided to investigate “CLIMATE” as our third element in 03.
As we see different climates depending on the space we inhabit on this planet; as in north, south, east and west, various plants and fauna have prospered in environments best suited for them. Moreover, as the natural environment will change according to geographical conditions, such as the coastline, the valley or the hillside, where animals and plants have adapted to survive in different conditions. Such great wonder is definitely one of the most precious things we can find on this earth.
At the same time, we cannot help but feel a strong respect for the people who inhabit those areas, boldly challenging to live in diverse natural conditions by adapting to certain environments. We could also say that most of what we now call (cultural) climates” or “(local) characteristics” have come as a result of the people adapting to different conditions in such climates over a long period of time, and to even go so far as to say that they are nothing short of the “great steps” made by mankind that deserve to be passed on and preserved over time.
Therefore, as the third element, we have set out to research the human behavior that had brought people to adapt to conditions in different climates, and explore how we could preserve and update the wisdom laid out before us.
In this exhibition at graf porch, we will show new work that represent our visions on the “CLIMATE”, interpreted and explored individually and collectively by the three members of elements, to start off with our many stages in tackling the grand subjects that loom before us.


Photo by Shunsuke Ito