FIRE #guest work COOK by MAHO-ROBA

by guest creator
室屋 尚史 (MAHO-ROBA /シェフ)

The apes that survived eating raw meat, nuts and berries from trees as well as seafood, had at some point learned to cook with fire. And having been able to maximize the vast energy that was expendable to the brain and body, allowed for them to evolve into homo sapiens. Since becoming interested in the theory that the decisive reason which led to human beings and animals to go separate ways, was cooking, we made this work to compare raw food and the food cooked with the material.


guest creator
室屋 尚史 (MAHO-ROBA /シェフ)

2013年 MAHO-ROBAをスタートさせる。
2015年 生駒山の山の中にレストランをオープンさせる。