02 STACK AND BIND – theme

As our second phase, “elements” will explore ideas based on STACK AND BIND.
In pre-industrial times, when advanced tools and technology were still non-existent, people made
things by the simple act of stacking and binding things around them.
Rocks and sun-dried bricks were simply stacked to create walls for their homes, and hay was
bundled to make roofs over their heads and beds for resting.
As a basic wisdom of which human beings have attained, we have fewer opportunities to witness it
in our times, with the advancement in technology.
So with elements 02, we will look into the idea of STACK AND BIND as a basic way of creating
things, by taking us back to that stage in human behavior, and as a result, making paradoxical
discoveries and finding new horizons.

elements の第2回目のテーマは「積む / 束ねる」です。
elements02 では、「積む / 束ねる」を、人間がものづくりをする際の入門的な行為と捉え、